FAQs Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do i get started?

Firstly, you will create an account on our website after which you will have a username and a password. To buy units, you will make payment into our bank account using the details available on the website, use your username as your depositor's name. When your payment is acknowledged, we will credit your account through your username. You could also do online transfers and online card payments.


Q: How do i create an account on your website?

Log on to messaging.vtpass.com, click on "create an account" below the "member login" box, i dialogue box will come up, fill the box and save.

To complete your registration, login with your username and password after which you will be prompted to input your mobile number and your Date of birth (this is a one time operation).

Q: How do i make payment for your units?

You can make payments in diverse ways:
- You can pay directly at the bank over the counter, use your username as the depositor's name or you could do a bank transfer over the counter.
- You can pay online on our website using your ATM cards.
- You can do POS transfer through designated ATM machines. After the transaction has gone through, you will text your username and the amount paid to our contact lines.
- You can do internet transfer from your account into our account. Remember to add your username in the remarks section to help us identify you or you may email /call/text your username and the amount paid to our contact lines / email address.

Q: How long after payment is made will my account be credited
You account will be credited immediately your payment is confirmed. Usually within 30 minutes.

Q: How do i make payment online with my ATM card?
-Log in to your account
-Click Buy SMS
-Type in the number of units you want to buy. The cost is automatically calculated for you
-Select voguepay as payment option
-Click "Submit"... Follow the on screen directives on the payment gateway portal

Q: If i pay online, how do i get credited?
You get credited Automatically so far your transaction went through.

Q: How do i pay using phone airtime vouchers/recharge cards?
This mode of payment is not allowed for now. We only accept the mode of payment listed above.

Q: How will my account get credited after making payment?
After we have acknowledged your payments, we will credit your account through your username.

Q: What are the acceptable number format
The Acceptable number formats are as follows 080..., 23480..., +23470...

Please do not use number without the leading zero or without the international country code (eg 8034521...). Message sent to number like this are sent to international numbers starting with 803... and will be charged accordingly.

Q: How do i send to multiple numbers
Separate multiple numbers with comma eg (08032333312,234805849444) or one per line. Eg:

Q: Can I upload / copy numbers to your website from a file
Yes, you may upload numbers but only upload from a notepad file.

Do not upload from MS word, MS excel, MS wordpad or any other document type. If your numbers are contained in any of such file, please copy and paste in notepad first, then upload or copy and paste from notepad. Numbers uploaded directly from documents not notepad are usually not properly formatted.

Q: I forgot my login details, how do i retrieve or changed it?
If you forgot your username, click "forgot username"  below the "member login" box, then follow the onscreen directive

If you forgot your password, click on "forgot password" below the "member login" box, follow the directives to reset your password.

Q: What is the min/max amount that can be paid to buy units?
No min or max, make your payments and you will get credited as paid for.

Q: I want to start Bulk SMS business / become a Bulk SMS reseller. How do i go about it
You can own your own bulk sms website just like messaging.vtpass.com. Check the reseller section of our website for more details on how to get started.

We have done this for hundreds of businesses/people already.

Q: Is your bank account a savings or current account?
Our bank account is a corporate current account. You may view our bank details here.

Q: I have other questions listed here, how do i contact you
To contact us, click here to view all available contact channels (email, phones numbers and contact form).